Sunday, July 26, 2015

On a completely unrelated note.........

As most of you know, my hubby went Vegan 3 years ago. My culinary life, as I knew it, essentially died.  (Yes, I almost wish that said Vegas)

I bumped into someone who told me that they missed my blog and even though I wasn't really cooking anymore (interesting food, that is) that I should continue to write about just whatever the fuck pops into my head.

So, here goes.....Today, I saw this Meme/Photo on a FB friend's wall......Cute huh?

Well, that's all nice and everything but would you like to hear my reply to this meme?  

Sue: I want one that ejaculates chocolate, pisses wine and shits fifty dollar bills. just cover his face with a bag if he's ugly.

That about sums it up.  I'm not hard to please. 

So, even though I may not write about food anymore, I'm going to continue writing about whatever happens to pop into my head. 

Wait, I already have a new post....Look for it next!