Thursday, September 6, 2012

Help Needed

Since I'm in this cooking funk, I thought I would reach out to my fellow bloggers for help to keep this site at least a little bit relevant toward cooking and good recipes.

If YOU have an awesome recipe, you know the one where everybody asks you to bring it to their party or cookout and you inevitably spend 15 minutes writing it down and passing it out? Please share it with me and I will post it on the blog.  I am going to add a new category called "Fan Recipes" and I will include your recipes and include your name and location.  (with your approval of course)

So, dig into your recipe boxes and email me some of your very favorite, no fail recipes. You can email them to   I look forward to an email box overflowing with your culinary creations and if you can't be bothered to send one, well then you can just piss off and choke on the next thing you make. (well, I hope you don't choke but you CAN piss off."

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