Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Moving on.

Sadly enough I have to report that I rarely cook anymore.  Why you might ask? Well, because my husband is now a Vegan and I'm not. End of story. Well, so maybe I lied a little bit, I guess you can say I do still cook. I just don't cook anything edible. At least not to normal people.

I can't express enough how sick I am of beans, rice, tofu, pasta, vegetables, potatoes and wraps.  That's all I ever cook anymore. So, what do I eat? Toast, usually. It's sad, sad, sad. Someone needs to come and take me out to dinner. For a real dinner. I'm hungry.

So, I really loved this blog and no longer want to ignore it, but since I don't cook anymore, I'm not sure what to do about it. Then I looked at the title again. Wooden Spoons and Chardonnay.....Wooden Spoons and Chardonnay...hmmm....I supposed I can call this a blog about drinking wine and maybe stirring it with a wooden spoon...or drinking wine and beating people with a wooden spoon.  Anyhow, it got me to thinking. I can still write. The recipes may be far and few in between, but the drinking wont.

So, I think I'll just write about whatever is on my mind. If it's early in the day and I haven't started drinking yet, it will likely be realistic, somber posts about the news and whatnot...later in the evening, after I've had a few drinks, I'll try to be fun again.

So, I'm just going to write and see where this takes me.


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