Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chicken Alfredo that would send Paula Deen into a diabetic coma. (Can I airmail chicken alfredo?)

So, tonight my son came up to me and asked me if I'd make some Chicken Alfredo. I almost told him to go fuck himself because I'm a bit on the pissy side today, but I thought, "What the hell."  Since my husband has been on this new "I can't eat anything but Alpo and Oranges diet", my kitchen has been boring as fuck. Seriously. My butter hasn't seen the light of day. I haven't bought heavy cream in 3 months. My parmesan cheese has been frozen in the freezer and my olive oil asked me for a divorce. Bit of a funk, eh?

So, I ran to the store, fast. The way a pedophile runs to the nearest playground and I went NUTS buying GOOD shit! $7 parmesan! Heavy Cream! Cream cheese! 7 cheese shredded blend mix! WINE! Chicken bouillion and EGG freaking noodles. I had a culinary orgasm. Right in aisle 7.

The biggest thing I had to debate was how many bottles of wine I needed to buy. I mean, I knew afterall, that I needed some wine in the sauce, I just couldn't decide how much I wanted to use. I mean drink. So, I just bought everything my credit card would allow and I sprinted home to cook.

I spent 2 hours in the kitchen making alfredo sauce from SCRATCH. There is nothing quite like homemade alfredo sauce. I especially love it with shrimp, which is a slightly different recipe, but tonight the kids wanted chicken and considering Sara is allergic to shrimp, I had no desire to explain to the EMT's why I was drunk and my daughter was convulsing, so chicken it was. 

I will be posting the recipe here shortly and I really hope you all decide to just bear down and try to make it from scratch. Especially considering I took play by play pictures and wrote it all down as I was cooking it, even as I was chugging Chardonnay straight from the bottle. So from my kitchen to yours, ENJOY!

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  1. You are so funny...and you write to match your personality !! Hilarious !!