Thursday, April 22, 2010

Picky children and a hubby with coronary artery disease

When some people read my posts or my latest facebook updates, they say "Oh my God, how do you find the time to cook like that, it must be so hard!"

Little do they know that I have 3 very picky teenagers who almost NEVER try my gourmet meals unless they involve steak or possibly bacon. As I whip up my Fondue de Poulet Ala Creme I'm also hard at work whipping up a homemade pizza for the brats who won't eat what I put on the table. Sigh..yes this is how most of the mealtimes go here at my crazy place. NOTE to new moms everywhere. When your children are little FEED THEM EVERYTHING. Even if you hate it. I made the ginormous stupid ass mistake of not feeding my kids anything I didn't like and let me tell you, there is a lot I don't like. Most things that are green for example..Basically I ruined my children's palates. I pray they will outgrow their aversion to anything that contains a cream sauce or a sauteed vegetable.

So, as I whip up gourmet meal number one for hubby and I and perhaps some company, I have to cook separately for the kids. AND another great challenge I face is trying to keep my husband from having his third heart attack. The poor man has a family, cooking is just a major challenge in my house. I've managed to make really shitty good-for-you type meals into something spectacular with a little imagination and savvy ingredient swapping.

Meals aren't always gourmet in my house. Sometimes my job just doesn't allow for it. Take last night for example. We had burgers (turkey burger for hubby), homemade pasta salad and I opened up a very fine bag of frozen corn. Not exactly a stellar meal, but hey, they ate it up.

I should also mention, in my house, there generally is never enough left for me to eat. SO, while I cook and drink my wine, I try to sample a lot. That way by the time the food is put on the table, I've got 2/3 of a bottle of wine under my belt and a few decent bites of whatever I'm cooking. Eating and standing have become an olympic sport for me. I'd get the gold for sure. Hell yes.

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