Monday, April 19, 2010


It truly is ALL about butter. When you were young and you sang the Hokey Pokey, did you ever wonder what IT was all about? Well, I'll tell you....Butter. It was about butter.

For all of you cholesterol-fearing, margarine freaks out there, take a breath. Butter will NOT kill you. As long as you're not eating sticks of butter, you will be fine.

Yes, I watched Julie and Julia. Yes I have Julia Child's cookbooks.....LOVED that movie and I love butter, so I have something in common with Julia Child. Oh, and Julia liked to drink. So do I! Coincidence? I think not!

For every recipe that gives you the choice of butter or margarine, Please, please please.....Choose Butter! It makes all the difference in the world. A little butter goes a long way.

Besides, have you ever read the ingredient list for margarine? Ingredients for a nuclear bomb that is what margarine contains!

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