Saturday, July 17, 2010

Paper Towels

So, I'll admit it. Along with wine, vodka or anything containing alcohol for that matter, I am obsessed with paper towels. Funny thing, huh? Paper towels.

I'm a pretty fussy cook and I like to be clean. So, nothing is more annoying or DISGUSTING than finding hair, fur or dustballs in your food. Or anyone ELSE's food for that matter. Especially my mom's, but that is another story.

Whenever I cook, I forgo the hand towel in favor of the paper towel for one main reason. There is not crap all stuck to my paper towels like what happens to the average hand towel laying around the kitchen. No matter what I touch or wipe, I use a paper towel. Even when I take CLEAN dishes out of the cupboard, I still wipe them with a paper towel.

My daughter thought I had kind of lost it when I was explaining this to her but, AHA, I caught her doing it the last time she made cookies. She finally understood my reasoning after trying to grease down a pan with hands that she just dried off with a hand towel...she saw it in the grease.... Little bits of...STUFF!

Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not a slob. I DO wash my towels, but I'm a realist too. I have pets. And kids. The average hand towel laying on your counter is going to collect hair, fur or dust. Do you want to see your guest take a mighty bite out of some glorious dish you just prepared and then open their mouth and pull out half of a hair? I say, Fuck no! OMG, yuck!

I've yet to have a dinner guest complain to me that they found a follicle in their food. At least if they have, they didn't have the balls to tell me so.

Bounty rocks my socks.

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